A simple gift idea

H and I have been working on a fun project together this month. He’s been making drawings for me and I’ve been transferring his drawings onto mugs. I paint the image on with bake-on ceramic paint and when the mugs are done baking the image is permanent.

Some of H's drawings turned into gifts

We found the plain white mugs at a few different thrift stores and paid about 50 cents a mug. I researched the various ceramic paint pens out there and decided to go with this paint, which comes in a little 2 oz squeeze bottle instead of a pen that can dry out and get clogged. Plus, it was only $3.50. I painted all of these mugs and barely used half a tube.

H and I really had a great time working on these. He has never cared much for drawing or even scribbling and gets easily frustrated when he can’t transfer the ideas in his head to paper. But he worked really hard on these and I think it has sparked a greater interest in drawing and writing. Not long after we finished these mugs he wrote his name on his own for the first time.

It only takes 48 hours for the paint to dry before baking, so there’s still time to paint some mugs for last minute gifts!

Winter 2012

Wishing you a peace-filled holiday season, however you choose to celebrate.


Comments (3) to “A simple gift idea”

  1. Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family. Thanks so much for all of your inspiring ideas – I’ve referred to your blog many times this year! LOVE the mug idea – both kids have come down with a bad flu so they will be a great thing to keep them calm and occupied and still festive.

    All the best, J

  2. I can believe how big your kids are, beautiful.

  3. Such a great crafty gift idea, and so thrifty! Thanks for the inspiration, and happy holidays to you and your beautiful family :)