For Them

I’ve had my sewing stuff out since September, working on Halloween costumes.  It’s such a pain in the ass to haul my sewing stuff out for little projects here and there, so the last month has been focused on sewing.

robin hood hatrobin hood hat

H has had a pretty intense Robin Hood obsession going for a while now. He has a very active imagination and loves to pretend and dress up. He was so desperate for a real Robin Hood hat that he dug this crazy grandpa hat out of his dress up stuff and dubbed it his Robin Hood hat:

ready to go

Well, I had to remedy that. I used this pattern/tutorial for his new hat. It came out too big, as it’s written for an adult sized head. I could have resized the pattern, I guess, but it seemed just as easy to take it in a few inches along the top of the hat, which is what I did. It’s SO cute on his. So, so, so cute. And you know what? He hates it. He will wear it long enough for me to take a picture, then he flings it off his head and grabs his “real Robin Hood hat”– the crazy grandpa hat.

pillow casespillow cases

Next I made some pillow cases. But not just any old pillowcases. These have all of the raw edges enclosed. And they’re really quick and simple to make.

When we visited my grandma in August I mentioned that I wanted to make H some cute pillowcases for his bed. She told me there was a great way to make them with all of the raw edges enclosed, “the taco method or something”. Ahem. It’s called the burrito method, and I found this great tutorial for it.

It took me like 30 minutes to make one pillowcase. And I learned how to do French seams! It was a great way to use up random/leftover fabric, and H loves them. I thought they’d also be good for organizing toys in– like a car pillowcase for toy cars etc. It was fun to make a Halloween themed one too. I think I’ll make one for Christmas and Valentine’s day too. What other holidays might require a festive pillowcase? Fourth of July? Oooh. St.Patrick’s day for sure. Having kids is forcing me to be more festive!

Big Bad Wolf costume
Little Red

Here are their Halloween costumes! I have this thing where I MUST sew the children new Halloween costumes every year. I know it’s a lot more expensive than buying a crappy costume at Target, and I know it’s silly to put so much work into a thing they’ll only wear once or twice BUT I DON’T CARE.

This year I took the kids to the fabric store and let H flip through the costume books. He fell in love with a Big Bad Wolf costume and I fell in love with the Red Riding Hood costume. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to sew an elaborate, ridiculous, frilly dress for my daughter? Like 30 years.

I wasn’t looking forward to making a huge fake fur wolf costume so I looked around online and found a super cute, simple solution (Thanks, Martha Stewart!) (also, this link loads weird– it’s slide 41 you want) And I used this pattern for A’s costume.

We got their pictures taken together today. I don’t think I can get the image to load so click here to see it on my facebook page.

Making things for my kids… oh, I love it so much!

Comments (5) to “For Them”

  1. They both look adorable! I think there is merit to making them costumes instead of buy it. They will last longer, which when they get older, will be fun to play dress up and such with.

  2. They look awesome! SO worth it!

  3. I didn’t make Sam’s costumes for his first two Halloweens. I have been making up for it since.

  4. Love these projects. I also insist on sewing costumes for my kids. I remember the few my mom sewed, forgot the store bought ‘crap’ ones. Worth every second of work, dollar spent on fabric and pin hole in my fingers. Great work Georgia! btw, my son is still wearing the race car driver jumpsuit I made for him last Halloween even though he often gets stuck in it and the leg hems are at his calves. Worth all of the effort to make it! My daughter wore out the hem on her Cinderella dress from last year or she’d still be dressing up in it.

  5. Way too cute!